Baguio City in February (plus some accidental double exposures)


Nearly two years ago, I went on a trip north. I took just one film camera with me, a Konica c35. I didn't get to shoot much (I sketched), so upon returning home I rewound the film roll and put it back with the rest of my stash, where I forgot about it.

Until this week when I had the roll developed and scanned by Fuji. I finally used up the roll in my Olympus mju zoom camera, taking random shots of people and places and all sorts of stuff this Panagbenga month. I was really pleasantly surprised to find I'd already exposed the first few frames of the roll. It was a nice reminder of all the experiences I had during that Cagayan trip, which actually was a catalyst to my moving to Baguio City.

The only beach shot left intact was this:

Sta. Ana, Cagayan

The fishing village. I remember spending a morning sketching this view.

Some other doubles from that serendipitous roll:


used books+sea

Bookends Baguio


frame burn+shawarma stall

Look at that burn.

When the pre-exposed frames were all used up, I was left with these:

ice cream man


balloon man

best friends






flowery thoughts



View the entire photoset in my Flickr album.

Some of these shots were taken during my walk from Mines View to Session Road, which I wrote about in my "walking" blog.

I'm currently at home in Quezon City to spend time with my family and to have some of my film cameras repaired. I miss shooting with my LC-A (it has a sticky shutter, which I hope Mang Bibot will be able to fix).

Konica c35 EF, Olympus mju zoom 115
Kodak Ultima 100


In this city I don't mind walking under the bright sun at noon, especially these days when the temperature drops to 7 degrees Celsius at 5 a.m. The noon sun brings a welcome warmth.

It's Panagbenga season. Out of every 10 stalls in Burnham Park, you have:

  • 3 shawarma. Php 35 each regular, 3 for Php 100, Php 50 shawarma rice (with cheese already)
  • 3 RTW jackets, leggings, hoodies, shorts, Korean fashion, watches, perfume
  • 2 pasalubong, other food (burgers, fries, sweet corn, dimsum, shakes, the occasional fruit)
  • 1 crafts, knickknacks, dinnerware, books, other household items

Olympus mju II, Fuji 100

A favorite breakfast

Chicken pandan, Thai rice, tamarind sauce, two pieces of sunny-side-up eggs with 'toasted' sides (just as I requested).
And brewed coffee, of course.
Liquid cream. Mmm.
All for Php 150.
Happy Tummy.

Olympus mju II, Fuji 100

Some things you see while walking around

interesting, if you ask me

Old, beat-up bus that's probably still being used to ferry folks to and from highland towns

I love trees

Giant kettle

Berries and leaves

Olympus mju II, Fuji 100

Cloudy Day at Camp John Hay

[Photos originally in color - I wasn't that happy so BW it is.]

Soul brother and fellow explorer Ryan (Baguio-raised, Manila-based) was able to spend a few days home in the mountains and on one of those days, we planned on hiking along Camp John Hay's Eco-Trail. We initially wanted to go up Mt. Yangbew but we slept extra late the night before and it would be physically impossible for us to make it at the top in time for sunrise - unless we don't sleep, which would be a bad idea.

We met up in the afternoon, a bit later than planned - we were both aware it rains in the afternoons, so we just hoped for the best.

We walked (and looked at outdoor gear for sale, and man I wanted to start getting stuff) and took photos around CJH first before finally making our way to the trail head.

I joked to Ryan I'll name this set "Spot the Ryan" or "Ryan Doing Things."

The clouds were getting darker by the minute, and around 15 or 20 minutes into the trail it started drizzling. We had to decide: go back or continue, in the hopes that the drizzle would stop? Ryan said we've only just walked a fourth of the trail, and there was nowhere we could take shelter in if ever it starts raining harder.

We decided to head back.

A rare moment: sunlight!

Sorry I cut your feet off, man

Here's mine


the overcast sky, the quietness -- it felt so surreal. more perhaps, if it had been foggy
Ryan being sad.

As we re-emerged at the trail head the rain had stopped, but we consoled ourselves by saying it was getting darker anyway, and the light isn't good for the photos we wanted. So we just walked some more, to creepy, abandoned structures...

...and portalets.

It was a nice day for a walkabout. Ryan said it felt good to take non-work photos, for a change. For me it felt good to just take photos of stuff I find interesting.

Looking forward to the next leisurely walk with my camera/s in tow!

Nikon F80
Lucky 200 film
Camp John Hay
Baguio City